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2022-2023 School Year
An opportunity for ALL of our Zion 6 Kindergarten students (English speaking and Spanish speaking).

Dual language programming fosters bilingualism, biliteracy, enhanced awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity, and high levels of academic achievement through instruction in English and Spanish.

What is Dual Language Education?
  • Integrates native English speakers and native speakers of another language (Spanish) for academic literacy and content instruction through both languages.
  • Instruction is provided in English and a partner language (Spanish) over an extended period of time.
  • Dual language programming provides a unique and powerful opportunity to strengthen children’s highest cognitive brain potential.

Why Dual Language Education?

    • An effective approach to developing language proficiency and literacy in English and a partner language (Spanish).
    • Students maintain their native language while adding on another language.
    • Students receive Seal of Biliteracy for the achievement of high-level proficiency in one or more languages, in addition to English, on their high school diploma.
    • Students are better prepared to collaborate and communicate and earn higher wages.
    • Students who study a world language for just one year score an average of 38 points higher on the SATs. Students who took four years of a world language showed scores that were more than a hundred points higher on average!
    • Students in dual programs perform as well as or better on standardized tests of language arts and mathematics, even when these tests are administered in English.
    Informational sessions will be scheduled to learn about our new PreK and Kindergarten Dual Language program.

    Facts About Dual Language Participation
    • According to an MIT study, people who know two or more languages earn an average of $128,000 more in their lifetimes.
    • Bilingualism results in about 2.8% increase in hourly wages.
    • Bilinguals lead the way in international business, creativity, problem-solving, and in some cases, even health.
    • Students are more creative, better complex problem solvers and better planners.
    • 30% of the US economy involves international trade.
    • Translator/interpreter jobs will increase significantly.


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