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Digital Backpack Submission

Share exciting events and valuable information with our students and families by uploading a flyer to PeachJar.

How do I upload a flyer?

Approved FlyerBoard community members and ZESD 6 staff can submit flyers to PeachJar's FlyerBoard for viewing and distribution by clicking the "Upload a Flyer" button.

How does it work?

Families receive emails twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, featuring new items that have been added to PeachJar.

Flyer Approval Guidelines

Flyer Upload Requirements

  • File format: PDF
  • File size: Under 50 MB
  • File orientation: Portrait
  • File language: We require and English and Spanish version for all flyers. Please merge the English and Spanish flyers into one PDF.

Flyer Approval

Support the basic educational mission of the district, directly benefit students, or be of intrinsic value to students.

Should not promote the use or sale of materials or services that are illegal or inconsistent with school objectives, including but not limited to: materials or advertisements for tobacco, intoxicants, movies, or products unsuitable for children.

Should not be lewd, obscene, libelous, or slanderous.

Should not promote any particular political interest, candidate, party, or ballot measure, unless the candidates or advocates from all sides are provided the opportunity to present their views to the students during school hours or scheduled events.

Should not imply the school district’s endorsement of any identified product or service.

Should not incite students to commit unlawful acts, violate school rules, or disrupt the orderly operation of the schools.