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The Security Department prioritizes student, staff, family and community members’ safety. Our commitment towards Excellence Without Exception includes the continued examination of our safety and security planning and preparation.


Visitor Sign-In Procedures: During school operating hours, we maintain our visitor identification process. When visiting any of our school locations please ring the outside doorbell. Everyone will be greeted and asked to share the reason for their visit prior to entering the school.

If you are planning to stay and volunteer within the school building, we will need to scan your government issued identification card. The system will check your ID against the Statewide Sex Offender Database and the Statewide Murder and Violent Offender Against Youth Database. The process only takes a few seconds and increases the safety of all our students. This process only takes a few minutes.

You will receive a visitor badge that should placed on your person in a prominent location for ease of viewing. If you are not entering the past the secured vestibule, a visitor badge will not be required.

Board Policy  8:30 Visitor To and Conduct On School Property

Visitors interested in volunteering in our schools will be required to complete a secured visitor/volunteer process.


Safety Drills

During a Safety Drill, students must be silent, remain calm, and listen carefully to school officials for instructions. 

Public Act 094-0600 (105 ILCS 128) School Safety Drill Act, was signed into law August 16, 2005. Its purpose is to have public and private schools review their school safety plans with first responders and to conduct specific school safety drills. Read more... 

Yearly Safety Drills

  • A minimum of three (3) evacuation drills,
  • One (1) severe weather (shelter-in-place) drill,
  • One (1) law enforcement drill to address an active shooter incident,
  • One (1) bus evacuation drill each school year.

District and school administrators may choose to have additional safety drills.

Meet Our Security Team
Matt Thornton


Zion Police Department*

Matt Vines


Zion Police Department*

*School Resource Officers (SRO) are housed at middle schools through a partnership with the Zion Police Department.